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If you've missed one of Pastor Brad's talks or simply want to hear one again, you're in the right place. We even got some old jams.

This is the part of our website where you'll find a collection of our most recent (and some not so recent) message series. Each series thumbnail will link to a few videos of Pastor Brad teaching our community straight from the Bible. We've also provided some free visual resources along with each series - If you find something here that's helpful, we hope you use it and share it with other ministry friends.

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Love With Benefits

We all desire unconditional love but it's difficult to find in our relationships. We can't find it in possessions, but we can always find it in God. In this series, Love With Benefits, we will discover the benefits of God's unconditional love in action.

Fight Club

When faced with hardships or challenges, how are you defending yourself and the people and things you love? During this message series, we'll talk about fighting for ourselves, our relationships and our beliefs.

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